VARDE Engineering Co. Ltd is well equipped with the latest software and hardware to meet the demands of major development infrastructure projects. With a state of the art offices located in Waumini House, Westlands – Nairobi, VARDE has invested in the following equipment in its quest to offer customized engineering solutions to its diverse clientele:

  • Permanent office space equipped with high speed internet and LAN connectivity for sharing of information within the office
  • Telephone Communication
  • Reliable power supply with surge protectors
  • High specification personal Computers and office desktops
  • High Specification Printing and copying equipment
  • Design studio, equipped with adequate furniture, computer and software to customize solutions for our clients
  • Adequate Backup Facilities to ensure no data is lost or damaged
  • Latest field data collection equipment including state of the art surveying equipment and geotechnical investigation equipment
  • An off Road, fully loaded double cabin pick-up vehicle which is currently at serviceable condition.

Despite the above equipment, VARDE Engineering Co. Ltd has adequate capability to mobilize additional resources to meet the specific Client needs should it be required.


  • A highly skilled, qualified and competent team that consists of Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Water Engineers, Valuation Experts, Sociologists, Geologists, Hydrologists, Surveyors and Environmentalists.
  • A team, which is supplemented by a diverse number of highly specialized professionals.
  • A dynamic, flexible, flat organizational structure with direct lines of communication and well defined duties and responsibilities.
  • A culture based on the principles of transparency, reliability, efficiency and consistency of quality services.
  • A philosophy based on the right attitude, planned approach, optimised procedures and full utilization of resources.
  • An approach based on preventive rather than corrective actions.
  • Comprehensive and well documented reporting at all stages to communicate essential information and our proposals to our customers.